Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is about presenting decision-makers with the most relevant and meaningful information in order to allow them to make decisions. It optimizes strategies and results in competitive market advantage.

BI helps predict, track and analyze business performance-related data that provides tools that clients can translate into actions. It is made up of a set of technologies, methodologies and processes that turn raw data into business opportunities.

The data is then transformed into insight and delivered on demand. The more detailed and relevant the data the better informed critical business decisions can be.

BI informs business strategy and is tailored to specific business requirements. It facilitates mapping business challenges and weighing options.

Netacs BI professionals possess extensive experience gained in the most high-level intelligence organizations in Israel and in BI for leading firms in Israel and abroad. The result of this accumulated knowledge and of our professionals' business acumen and know-how is fine-tuned information our clients can use to maximize opportunities.

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