Installation & Infrastructure Security

Security threats, whether terrorist or criminal, aim to disrupt public and private operations. Once these threats are assessed and analyzed, a security master plan can be put in place to mitigate these threats with minimum effects on operational abilities.

We aim to safeguard human life, protect property and infrastructure and prevent damage to reputation, including the leakage of information. Netacs security services are tailor-made to facilities of the following types:

• Strategic facilities
• Airports
• Hotels & resorts
• Events
• Transportation
• Infrastructure
• Industrial installations
• Skyscrapers
• Communications
• Maritime
• Correctional

Note that for each of these fields above, we employ experts with rich specific experience and knowledge.

The wide variety of potential risks can only be taken care of by a highly trained security staff, alongside the most advanced technology and equipment. Installation and infrastructure security includes awareness of all potential scenarios and the appropriate preventive and deterrent measures that need to be taken, in advance as well as in real time.

The fundamentals of an effective and professional security system are intelligence, qualified personnel, technology, supervision and control, procedures and the combination of user friendly technologies that assist in the flow of business.

Netacs specializes in conducting overall surveys to assess threat and risk levels, and the findings are professionally and thoroughly implemented so as to achieve the highest level of security and readiness.

In accordance to the security procedures as ascertained by survey, followed by recruiting and training the security staff; we remain in close and continuous contact with the client, regularly monitor the performance of the staff and systems and provide retraining as necessary

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