Establishment of National Intelligence Organizations

Since conflicts between nations are complex, intelligence is essential for any country's security. The more precise the information gathered by intelligence agencies, the better governments and other national authorities can formulate domestic, diplomatic and military strategies, react in 'real-time' to crises and protect citizens and national interests.

Intelligence organizations need to collect, store, process, integrate, analyze and disseminate information in order to provide decision-makers with the tools they need to make those decisions. . This is done through inter-institutional cooperation and a joint security concept.

Netacs offers a unique combination of experience accumulated by its founders and professionals in leading the most high-level Israeli intelligence bodies through complex and challenging circumstances. Business and intelligence contacts made over that time also provide Netacs with the required international spread to provide services worldwide.

The establishment of national intelligence organizations starts with the basic tenets – human intelligence (HUMINT), signal intelligence (SIGINT), open source intelligence (OSINT) and visual intelligence (VISINT). Then a proactive strategy is implemented to specify the various units' responsibilities, based on full security awareness, early warning systems, prevention, high-quality pinpointed capabilities, and real-time response to events as they unfold.

Within the framework of this service, Netacs assists in the establishment of an intelligence unit providing various courses in a wide range of subjects as well as on the job training, in order to fully implement integration of all intelligence sources, enabling decision makers to gain a complete picture of the situation, and providing them with the tools required to make the best assessments. The client could choose from various individual courses or receive the entire range within a turn- key project.

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